Luxury Boarding & Daycare

Homestyle Boarding

So what is Homestyle Boarding? We’d like to think of it as your pet’s ultimate vacation destination making them feel as comfortable as possible. The routine of our day is very different from your standard boarding facility. Every dog including our daycare clients are provided with their own suite. After morning potty breaks, breakfast and resting our tummies a bit we start our playgroups! Dogs are placed in very small playgroups according to size & temperament. Our guests actually “play” here so within a half an hour we have tired pups. They return to their suite to their own snuggly space, private water and rest for a bit watching TV. Then we have play time again and over and over do this routine providing necessary rest and mental downtime which is so healthy for our guests. Private or non-social guests are not a problem, we are their playgroup providing lots of love and fun play! Geriatric pups are put with lower energy dogs of the same temperament and physical stature. Our pups to staff ratio is extremely low so during their stay they receive lots of one on one attention and love as they would at home. Our research has shown this is a much healthier way to schedule a dogs day during their stay.

Orientation/Assessment Day (Required)

We like to call this our get to know you day! This is a requirement of all new clients. After all necessary paperwork is done and submitted to us you need to schedule an orientation day before your extended stay. The visit must be at least 5 hours long. During this visit we will be assessing your dog to make sure we do not encounter any problems for a much longer stay. Many dogs display quite a bit of anxiety when their owners leave which can potentially be very dangerous for them. It is unfortunately but we cannot accept dogs that display extreme anxiety. The get to know you day lets your pup get familiar with staff, our facility and the routine of the way we do things. We can see a substantial difference the next time they come since they know what to expect and realize this is a pretty fun place!

Cost $25.00 plus tax

Rules & Requirements

The following vaccinations & report are required:

      • Rabies (6 mths and older)
      • Distemper and Parvo
      • Bordetella (kennel cough)
      • Negative Stool Sample report within the last 3 months

We will accept unaltered dogs however we will NOT take females in heat. Any dog that becomes an extreme humper will become a private guest player. Dogs that have a tendency to mark the indoor play area will have to wear a belly band. If not provided we will provide for a cost.

We can NOT accept any dogs that are aggressive to humans or has any bite history whatsoever. Dogs must be able to be handled by humans without any issues.

We can NOT accept dogs that are extremely dog aggressive. If your dog is a non-social we will work privately with them but extreme aggression towards other dogs is not allowed.

*Updated: You will NOT be able to do daycare or board here for 7 days minimum if you have visited a dog park, another boarding facility or a grooming appointment. We ask that everyone be honest since it is for the benefit of everyone including yourself.

Due to Insurance reasons we cannot accept the following breeds that primarily resemble Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, Chows or Akita’s.

We will not accept dogs that have anxiety. Absolutely no exceptions! It can lead to a very unpleasant stay for them and possibly a call to you to have someone come and get them.

We can NOT accept dogs that have seizures, diabetes or any serious medical issues.

We do not accept any dogs that are 13 or older.

We cannot accept dogs that are excessive barkers.

We cannot accept dogs weighing over 100 lbs.

Since we are Homestyle boarding we MUST be able to touch your dog including their collar.

A topical or chewable flea and tick preventative is required.

Dogs that have diarrhea or loose stools cannot be accepted at check in.

Dogs that are behaving unruly in a group play will be removed and played as a solo.

“See House Rules form for complete rules & requirements”

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations MUST be made within 48 hours of scheduled intake or a 2 night charge will apply. 

Holiday and Peak season due to waiting lists and extra staff a 72 hour cancellation before intake applies or you will be charged a 3 night charge. 

Holiday and Peak season- a $40.00 deposit is required at time of booking. 

Spring Break/ Easter

Memorial Day Weekend

Independence Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend


Christmas/ New Year’s

Price Menu


Standard Suite Rate $48.00/day

Family Size suite Rate $53.00/day

Multiple Dog Discount 20% off second dog

  • Must share same suite

*Includes all play time group or private

*Complimentary bath after 7 night stay

Full day charge regardless of drop off time. Departure before 10:00 am

there is no charge for that day. If checkout is in afternoon window there

Will be a daycare charge of $30.00.

*Any reservations longer than 14 days a 50% deposit must be put down at drop off*


Full Day $30/day

Half Day (4 hours or less) $20/day

5 Day Package ( 5 x $28 per day) $140.00

10 Day Package (10 x $27 per day $270.00

*Includes a fun filled day of play!

*Meals, snacks & rest time in own private suite

Packages must be used within 6 months of Purchase


Mandatory Intro Swim $45.00

15 Minute Swim $25.00

30 Minute Swim $40.00

Self-serve bath after swim $15.00

Self-serve blow dry station $ 5.00

** Swim coach include swim coach. Inquire for

more details.


Nail trims $15.00

Bath $25.00


Nature walk $10.00

Private Snuggle Time $10.00

Organic Frozen Yogurt Cupcake $1.50

Email Update with Photo $5.00

Canine College (Inquire within on packages)



New Years Eve (Close at 10:00 am)

New Years Day


Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day


Christmas Eve (Close at 10:00 am)


Holiday/ Peak Periods 2021

Due to increased demand and extra staff costs during these times there will be an additional $5.00 per night during peak times. 

Spring Break (March 1-31, 2021)
Easter Weekend (April 1- 5, 2021)
Memorial Day Week (May 21-June 1, 2021)
Independence Day Week (July 1-5, 2021)
Labor Day Weekend (Sept 2-6, 2021)
MEA Week (Oct 14-19, 2021)
Thanksgiving Week (Nov 23-29,2021)
Christmas Week (Dec 16, 2021- Jan 2, 2022)