Overnight Luxury Suites

Standard Suite Rate $42.00 per day

Family Size Suite Rate $49.00 per day

Multiple dog discount sharing a suite $32.00 per day (Per extra dog)

*** Dogs are charged a full day regardless of time at drop off. If departure is before 11:00 am there is no charge for that day. If checkout is beyond 11:00 am you will be charged for a full day of daycare which is $29.00.

  • Includes all group play time. Private play for non-socials
  • Special feeding and medication administered included
  • Complimentary bath after 4 night stay!


Full day of daycare $29.00 per day

Half day of daycare (4 hours or less) $18.00 per day

5 Day package (5 x 27.00 per day) $135.00

10 Day package (10 x 26.00 per day) $260.00

  • Includes a fun filled day of play!
  • Meals, snacks and nap time in private suite
  • Separate water & beds


Nature walk exploring our 20 acres $10.00

Private snuggle time $10.00

Organic frozen Yogurt cupcake $1.50

Email update with photo $4.00 per time

Canine College (Package of 4 sessions) $55.00

Spa Rates

Nail trims $15.00

Bath $25.00

** Traditional Grooming Services inquire within

Swim Spa rates

Mandatory Intro swim $45.00

15 Minute Swim $25.00

30 Minute Swim $40.00

Self- serve bath after swim $15.00

Self –serve blow dry station use $ 5.00

** Swim sessions include swim coach. Inquire for more details.