Pool Time!

 In designing our state of the art facility, researching the best possible pool for canine use was important. Ease of entering and exiting for the safety of the dog along with being user friendly for staff was crucial.Finding what would fit our needs we shipped our 8 x 20 foot pool in from the east coast and had it custom designed.Our pool has resting benches with side jets and powerful end swim jets for the dogs that need a good resistance swim. We keep heated to 93 degrees and sanitized with ultra violet light and bromine for the wellness of your dog.

Whether for exercise, therapeutic reasons or just plain fun all dogs can benefit!

Initial Swim & Orientation:

First visit we do a consult to find out exactly what we can do for your pup. A life jacket will be fitted and we take our time introducing them to the pool. We want them to leave with a good experience and acclimate them in a positive way. We swim as long as needed or recommended by your vet.

Beyond initial the following is available:

  • 15 minute swim
  • 30 minute swim
  • 45 minute swim

Benefits of Swimming:

  • None weight bearing exercise (5 minutes of swimming = 5 miles walking)
  • Weight reduction & management
  • Competition & show conditioning
  • Geriatrics / Keeps older dogs mobile
  • Pre & Post Surgery
  • Aids in helping Dysplasia or joint pain
  • Increases muscle strength & endurance
  • Increases mobility & range of motion
  • Increases circulation and builds cardio
  • Builds confidence and reduces anxiety
  • Extremely therapeutic